what is bagot?

Bagot is a state of mind…

It’s time to lie around in hammocks and eat soft cheese…

bye bye bagot



5 Responses to “what is bagot?”

  1. Kiz Says:

    Bagot is a French duke.

  2. Geoff Says:

    It’s also a rare breed of goat. So perhaps that soft cheese ought to be chevre…


  3. tobmeister t Says:

    Bagot is a place full of lonely tears.

    I broke in yesterday just to cry



    PS Sorry to Linds’ dad for the broken glass. But needs must, as they say. I don’t know why they say it mind you, because it makes no sense.

  4. Mum Parsons Says:

    Bagot – was a theologian born in Rennes France 9/7/1591

  5. Dave S Says:

    YO dudes i gotta catch up on all your awesume travelling stories!!

    Hope your all having a sick time…looks like you are!

    ewe bed bugs!!

    peace out you 2

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