tropical beer notes #4

Jaz Beer – Malaysia – 5.5%


My aim for this beer note was to work in some sort of gag referencing ‘all that jazz (Stetsasonic)‘ and/or ‘all that jazz (Chicago)‘ unfortunately my segway skills are down right now. Anyhow this was actually pretty good, some upfront hops before it disappears down the throat. Did the job earlier today when I staggered back to our digs looking like I’d just been dunked in Georgetown Harbour. 10/20


2 Responses to “tropical beer notes #4”

  1. Kiz Says:

    Drink up I say.
    Things back here in redneck wonderland have taken a turn for the worse. The 77% are back (shout out to The Herd). It’s like 2001 all over again.

    I can only hope that all talkback callers contract swine flu and die a horrible, squealing death.

  2. beyondbagot Says:

    I saw something about this the other day as I was on my way to checking out news of the Eagles’ latest humiliation. Let me continue with you and the Herd and say “these c#nts need a shake up”.

    Caught the Herd at Mojo’s about 18 months ago, and I’ll be buggered if it wasn’t the best gig I’ve ever been to.

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