tropical beer notes #5

Leo Beer Thaliland 5%

Doesn’t Leo normally mean a lion? I pretty sure it does, and the wife says yes so that means it must be true. Anyhow no lions in the Kingdom of Thailand so a leopard will have to do. This one is thin, slightly sweet and pretty much tastes of soda water only. So ok when consumed on the Koh Phi Phi long beach, just about anywhere else on Gods green earth it would be pretty dreadful.


2 Responses to “tropical beer notes #5”

  1. Kiz Says:

    Where’s the rating out of 20? A little consistency in your beer reviews please…

  2. beyondbagot Says:

    I was wondering if anyone would ever notice that. Kizwah beers that rate under 10 don’t get a published rating. Leo most definitely rated under 10… Halliday doesn’t rate under 87 (out of 100) so I’m basically trying too hard to put myself in that sort of company. It’s sort of a mercy rule, if only these things existed for uni assignments and football – would have saved me a lot of grief over the years.

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