tropical beer notes #7

Archa Beer – Thailand – 5.4%

The makers of beer, vino and spirits love a medal on their label. My favourites are those you find on liquors awarded in cities of the distant past: ‘Constantinople 1880’; ‘Peking Rum World Expo 1901’. Have a peep next time you enjoy an after dinner Chartreuse. The phenomenon has gone so far that some Australian wines are starting to look like Mister T. I wouldn’t have bothered to write up this guy, but for the medal – it’s from the Australian Beer Awards in 2007. The beer tastes like nothing but I looked it up and it won a gold for ‘European style lager’. Have a peep if you want; pretty much every beer in the world won an award at that thing. Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum got a silver – seriously, that thing is a crime against the tongue. Mind you, the Show Champions are worthy. It’s interesting to note that Archa with a Thai label doesn’t mention the award. Clearly the Thais don’t care what Australians think – probably for the best in this case.


2 Responses to “tropical beer notes #7”

  1. bubba Says:

    I weep for you.
    Oh the humanity.

  2. tropical beer notes #41 | beyond bagot Says:

    […] joue de vivre. And an award winner at our old friends the Australian Beer Awards! (remember them, everyone wins an award). I like the precise booze % too a far cry from the Thai Chang […]

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