death of a camera

Once upon a time, Linds and Catie went to Chiang Mai. They were very happy there. They rode their bikes to yoga every morning; the cafe across the road made their own muesli and delicious wholemeal pancakes; the Sunday market was delightful and the secondhand bookstores were “all killer, no filler”. Life was good.

Then one day, a water bottle emptied its contents into the backpack and drenched everything therein, including Linds and Catie’s beloved PowerShot A640. That was a terrible day. The staff at Mike’s received an unexpected lesson in English expletives and after several attempts at resuscitation, the poor little camera was declared dead. Linds and Catie were very sad.

After several days of mourning, Linds and Catie decided they needed to get back in the camera saddle. Another little camera had caught their eye – the Canon G10 – although at first, it appeared to be unattainably out of their price range. Bolstered by buffet breakfasts and complimentary cocktails, they tackled the electronics malls of Bangkok with an almost religious bargaining fervour. And after many, many hours they emerged victorious, clutching the coveted G10 and more than a little pleased with themselves for having nabbed one at a bargain price. They loved their new G10 very much and spent many hours playing with it gleefully and discovering its new functions.

And they were happy because they knew the little PowerShot would have wanted it that way.

The end.



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