tropical beer notes #9

Beerlao Lager 5% Lao
Beerlao Dark 6.5% Lao

One word, hey? Never noticed that until now. I’ve been waiting for this one – every second backpacker on the Malay Peninsula and up into the north sports a Beerlao singlet. Dickheads.

The Dark was tasted soon after crossing the border into Lao. As always when tasting beer after a day spent on various long haul buses, tuk tuks and a boat, it was the best I’ve ever had. On reflection, it’s a passable darkish ale and a wonderful relief from the sea of fizzy lager to the south. Looks like a cola beer, slight biscuit taste, wee bit of hops and sweetness. 11/20.

Beerlao Lager’s most distinguishing feature is it pours really nicely – a good foamy head even when halfway though the king brown.. Picture of a thirst quencher.

Being in a “People’s Democratic Republic”, the Lao Brewery Company is half owned by the government, with the other 50% controlled by Carlsberg. The barley in their beers is imported from France and Belgium while the hops are German (Laotian rice also goes into the mash).  Apparently they control 99% of the Lao beer market which is not all together surprising, seeing they don’t really allow other beers be sold.

NB: There is no “falang” tax on vino up here like in Thailand (where, thanks to a pig-headed tax regime, wine is slugged with what appears to be a 400% mark up). Hey, you have to give the Frenchies some credit – they sowed the seeds that led to rule by despotic communist thugs but they left petanque, vin, patisseries and pastis! So over the next couple of weeks, we are looking to enjoy some cheap red wine over baguettes and pate. Genius.



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  1. beno Says:

    RIP michael jackson,

    your informative books on scotch and beer will be missed.

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