tropical beer notes # 10: the beer hunter edition

Beers of Saigon

Wowsers, there’s a lot of beer in Viet Nam. After months of monopolies and duopolies, it’s all a little bewildering. They are largely indistinguishable from one to the next, but it’s still fun seeking out newies. An added bonus is that most of the labels look like they haven’t changed since the 60s (probably because they haven’t). All this adds to the mystique that comes from downing beer in Saigon – a city that’s had more than its fair share of history (boozy and otherwise). All are lighter than light and light on the fizz so you can slam it down fast.

Those sampled thus far include:
Saigon Export
Saigon Lager
Saigon Special
Dai Viet

Going to go for regions – not individual beers – in this part of the world, although I can’t but help think I am missing the opportunity to turn our blog completely over to beer…


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5 Responses to “tropical beer notes # 10: the beer hunter edition”

  1. Alaina Newnes Says:

    Geoff says he likes your beer reviews, and looks forward to further tasting notes! Oh, and how do we add ourselves as friends of your blog so I can get updates? i’m a bit technologically incompetent…

  2. beyondbagot Says:

    so somebody actually reads those hey? he’s a good lad that Geoff. I’m not far behind you in the technology stakes, but given you’ve got a gmail account it’s probably easiest to use the reader thingy. You just pop the address in the ‘add a subscription’ bizzo. You can find the reader up there with the ‘calendar’ and ‘documents’ and other things you probably never use! Linds

  3. bubba Says:

    and what about the Angkor Extra Stout?

  4. beyondbagot Says:

    Bubba! It’s good to have you back, I was getting worried we had lost you – thanks to Indochinese stout for bringing you home… As for the Angkor, it’s coming baby. love dodd

  5. bubba Says:

    I was never gone…
    I’m watching, waiting…

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