tropical beer notes #11

Angkor Beer Cambodia 5%

Angkor Extra Stout Cambodia 8%

Angkor Beer and Stout cans both have the old-fashioned ring pull. Didn’t these things get banned everywhere moments after cans were invented?  I can’t even remember one on dad’s America’s Cup-sponsoring Swan Gold. The ring pull does have its advantages. There is no “safety release” like on these new fangled cans so if you open after shaking, it’ll spout like Old Faithful. For further study I urge you to seek out The Adventures of Barry Mckenzie, possibly a high watermark in Australian beer-explosion-related humour. Check the pivotal clip here.

The ubiquitous Angkor Beer is a bog standard, thin, soda-waterish SE Asian thirst quencher. Weirdly, its main rival has a virtually identical name – Anchor Smooth. It’s similarly average too. There is virtually nothing in this country not named “Angkor”, so perhaps Anchor thought they would just go as close as they could.
The stout is good. I’m putting this out there: best beer since Guinness Foreign Extra back in Malaysia. Hides the high alcohol pretty well and has flavours of coffee and chocolate. 13/20.
For more on Cambodian beers, check out Phnomenon and say goodbye to your workday.

And in other news: beer has finally taken its rightful place at the most powerful outdoor setting in the world. For a proper analysis, have a peep at The Pour.


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2 Responses to “tropical beer notes #11”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Hey Linds and Catie – I thought I’d let you know I’ve been perving on your blog – found via the illustrious ‘leaving Lansdowne’. I am avidly taking tips from your adventures as plan to do a six week trip through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia in early 2010. I enjoyed the blow by blow account of the bus trip.. and have duly noted that buses are to be avoided. Keep up the good work 🙂 Kirsten

  2. bubba Says:

    OMG I thought this one would be a good one!
    Such promise…only to finish with a 13!

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