tropical beer notes #12

Khmer Palm Beer  4.5% Cambodia

Here at Beyond Bagot we look at quite a few “Captain Bland” typical-of-the-region beers. They’re not good but not exactly bad either. They are what they are brewed to be: utterly inoffensive. But finally, a beer so bad that it had to be tipped in the sink.

On the nose it smells remarkably like that red super sweet jam found in doughnuts. Taste can only be described as chemical sweetness which then fades into sheer awfulness. Yikes.

To be fair, this isn’t really beer – it’s fermented palm sap. I can remember something like this, but much stronger, in East Timor.  Memory is of acrid, burning white stuff and Catie shoving her cup at me to drink when none of the locals were looking.

Awful, cheap, very sweet drink? There has to be a mass market for this in Australia. With K-Bot trying to kill the “wendy” (aka “alcopop”), this could slip under the tax radar and be marketed as a beer or wine. The punters would love it. “Khmer Palm Beer” might need to change, but how about “Taste of the Tropics”, “Palm Pop” or “Indochine Elixir”? The possibilities are endless. A whole new generation of teenagers could have have their formative drunken experiences on this stuff. Could even fill doughnuts with it.



2 Responses to “tropical beer notes #12”

  1. Alaina Newnes Says:

    Ah, will have to let Geoff know there’s a new beer note to read! He gets terribly excited at your tropical beer tasting notes.

  2. Alex Says:

    I have to agree with you guys on that one, there are few beers I can’t stomach – even if just due to stingy-ness – but this was one of them…

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