tropical beer notes # 14

bia hoi (draft beer) Vietnam ?%

This has to be the cheapest beer in the world: 3000 dong for a glass, that’s about 19 cents. You can drink it there or take it away – BYO vessel Hungarian vino style (or Toga 1999….).  It’s all no name brand and sold in grubby proletarian store fronts. That said, I don’t really get how they can make any dong out of it, despite my best efforts to drive them into profitability.

It’s super light, even for a Vietnamese beer. Sometimes a bit sour and tart, although I suspect that has more to do with what’s left in the glass overnight.

Best appreciated perched on a kindy-sized plastic stool* with a side order of air dried squid and moto fumes.

*The keg ladies often give me a small stack of stools for a bit more structural integrity, lest I squash them like beer can. Actually when I’m sitting in these places I look a bit like the drummer in that Supergrass clip.


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3 Responses to “tropical beer notes # 14”

  1. bubba Says:

    and czechia too has the beer in the same way.
    bring your own carnister and it’s all go!
    how do they make any dong out of the deal?

  2. bloko Says:

    Ahh the hungarian vino. I remember carting a 1.5L mount-franklin bottle of Eger’s finest all over central europe for 5 weeks to get it safely back to Sydney for the old man… he took one quaff and declared it “oxidised” but commended my freighting efforts nevertheless.

    PS you’re a skinny bastard Dodd. Say hi to the wife person for me.

  3. beyondbagot Says:

    you’re a good man bloko, I hope the old boy did the Hungarian thing and proceeded to drink it all anyhow… That gift is the truest reflection of love one could pass on to a father. big love to you and mish dodd

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