the great firewall of china


The flurry of posts in recent days, despite a truly glacial internet connection, has been in preparation for tomorrow’s crossing into China, where we are expecting beyondbagot to be blocked by the Great Firewall.

So it’s adios until Nepal – we’ll see you in Kathmandu in about 6 weeks. In the meantime, here’s a pic for you to remember us by:



P.S. See what I mean about WordPress’ inexplicably dodgy formatting? The post below looks like a dog’s breakfast. It makes me so angry!


5 Responses to “the great firewall of china”

  1. bubba Says:

    holy crap!
    this is like the scene before the predator comes in an eats you guys!
    do I need to call in the Thunderbirds?

  2. Marshie Says:

    Classic Dodd drunkface… seen it a million times. Enjoy China kids! xx

  3. Naomi Says:

    I managed to blog no problems in China so unless wordpress is banned you should be OK. Lightening fast internet speeds too.

  4. Tatum Says:

    Enjoy China – we had a fantastic few months there, you will love it. Glad you enjoyed Luang Prabang and ‘stay another day’. Funnily enough we are moving to Bagot! Just bought a place there today. ahhh…the world is all twisting paths and roundabouts hey!

  5. wheaters Says:

    Hey kids! Hope you are both doing great and that China is beautiful. We head to NYC tomorow – eek! Parsons thanks so much for your email and will write back to you soon. lots of love to both of you. Ped sends lots of licks and wags your way. love, em and muz xxx

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