tropical beer notes #27

Indus Pride India  4.8%

I wouldn’t be too proud of this, if I were Indus.

I’m having a bit of a life crisis. I just am so sick of beer (well, this sort of fizzy beer). I need to go do some meditation to sort out my priorities – it’s just not right. What is happening to me? Damn you, India! The place is meant to change you, but I was hoping I would morph into a supreme, effortlessly charming and good looking yogi type, not a bony wowser.

It can be traced back to the Howard Park riesling that Hol flew in for us. Just so massively superior to anything we’ve drunk in the last year. Now that I have touched the void, how can one be expected to go back? My taste buds are doing weird things in the beer department. I can actually taste the difference between all these endlessly boring beers. I’ve been taught a lesson I didn’t want to learn…


6 Responses to “tropical beer notes #27”

  1. bubba Says:

    Indeed my friend.
    As Rezi is fond of saying these days: Indubitably my dear!
    Invariably, some semi-professional bourgeoisie will ask ‘and what does that mean dear’?
    Thankfully, the bubs have inherited the look of disdain, not from me of course, and Rezi can turn, dramatically, confidently, and say with quiet, practised, ease: ‘it means without doubt, why do you ask?’.

    As such, I share your pain. There are times when I have quite vocally refused to drink beer! Elixir of the Gods, they are drinking it in Valhalla as we speak, but there is far too much crap out there for me to deign to even glance at.
    [recent trip to Graz: Puntigamer Panther is a great example of a good beer that is (semi)mass-produced, so there is hope].

    Why would anyone drink it if it tastes like tin and is basically full of preservatives?
    I have had beer that gave me a headache after one glass.
    In half an hour I was whinging…
    Running up and down the front porch and shouting at the neighbours.
    I blame them, not sure why, but they deserve it.

    Like finally coming to grips with the idea of the Dasein, this too will only enrich your life, and I welcome you as a fellow travelling companion, with whom I can without reservation, spit crappy beer in a 1920s-style pratfall anywhere in the world. I welcome the opportunity.

    May Buddha smile on you for the rest of your travels.

  2. Naomi Says:

    i can recommend a good wine club for when you at last return to our shores!! Ha Ha.

    Just look forward to the UK, a place full of REALLY BAD aussie wine so you can get back to appreciating the amber fluid again.

  3. beyondbagot Says:

    wine WINE WINE!!!!

  4. beyondbagot Says:

    bubba and bubs thanks for the message of solidarity. We shall overcome! Nothing like German theory to demand a mighty rauchbier.


  5. Geoff Says:

    Mate, I hear you: after only three weeks in India I was yearning for the fruits of Bacchus. Because I’m a prick, let me note two things which are unlikely to bring you any solace: (i) I discovered today that even our local pub in Holloway (not the most local pub, but the closest one where you can reasonably expect not to be glassed) stocks Madfish riesling; (ii) i had boef bourguignon with a nice Northern Rhone syrah for dinner. Sorry.

  6. beyondbagot Says:

    Cheers from the city of the great V – a man who knows how to enjoy the odd glass of vino. And yes you are a prick. I’d almost part with my linga for some sweet boef & syrah….

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