tropical beer notes #29 & 30

Kingfisher Premium – about 5% – depends on state
Kingfisher Strong – between 6 to 8%  – again, depending on the state

Bum badad baaa. The award for Worst Beers of the Trip goes to Kingfisher and its “how-is-it-possible-to-make-this-stuff-taste-even-worse?” partner in monopolistic crime, Kingfisher Strong.

They utterly dominate the beer “selection” in bottle shops, but perhaps this is a good thing; usually located in pee-stained alleys and involving a fight through a mosh of whisky-slurping drunks, the Indian bottle-o is not really the place for a “browsing experience.” Kingfisher’s domination of the market is even more pronounced in restaurants that have a permit to serve booze. One billion people and one beer. I suspect that, as with India in the more general sense, the locals don’t realise just how bad things really are.*

I’ve searched long and hard for a leftover imperial stout or Indian pale ale but more than any other country so far, there’s only fizzy lager. Heck, even China has Stout Lodge. It’s a pity really, because the brilliant cuisine(s) could do with something not so relentlessly insipid.

Before I became bitter, I started taking pics of the various labels that all proclaim “For sale in X state only” – you can see them here.

Nice label though…

* Please note that I’m writing this in Delhi, a.k.a “Satan’s own country”, and am a little bit grumpy. You should see the road our hotel is on – it’s like Baghdad circa “The Hurt Locker.”


One Response to “tropical beer notes #29 & 30”

  1. Marshie Says:

    That photo is totally hilarious. And scary. Parsons – you are a saint. I can just inagine the antics that surrounded that picture. xx

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