more great chats on the train

Travelling on the rails from Amritsar to New Delhi we got talking two delightful teenagers, Manjot and his older sister Simerjit Kaur. As we’ve noted elsewhere on the blog, and as always happens on Indian trains, after the initial exchange of “Where are you from?” & “Ricky Ponting is very good cricketer!”, we ended up chatting away for quite a while, which mercifully distracted us from the heat and alarming amount of dust flowing in through the windows. Topics included the reformation, the Sikh faith, Indian life in Melbourne and the frequent texts from Manjot’s friend, possibly of the girl type. It turns out Simerjit is a Punjabi folk singer and thanks to an email from young Manjot, I can share some recordings of hers with you. I think you will agree she’s pretty darn good!

Teri Yaad Channa

Meeno Sochan Deaan Dev – Choorian


3 Responses to “more great chats on the train”

  1. Says:

    You either have some really friends with very interesting names (Canon lens and Healthy Life?) or you’re being spammed!

  2. Suzanne Veletta Says:

    Lindsay? Brilliant. Am reading your blog. You look very relaxed (and a little scary). The border drill was beatifully camp.

  3. beyondbagot Says:

    it’s me alright – a world away from the joys that only the Committee’s office can supply!

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