sat sri akal

Punjab: India’s breadbowl. Or, at this time of year, dustbowl.

Sikhs: Invariably pretty cool and fiercely proud. Impressive beards and turbans abound. Reputedly brave and fearsome warriors, inspired by Baba Deep Singh Ji who fought a battle, headless, with a 15kg sword at the age of 75.

The Golden Temple: Sikhism’s holiest shrine, although built as a place of worship for all. Site of beauty and of bloodshed. Crazy busy, yet still peaceful. Home to India’s most tuneful singing of prayers. Despite serving upwards of 40,000 pilgrims a day, volunteers handing out plates, bowls and spoons at the free kitchen still press their hands together to welcome us. And a warmer welcome was never had.


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2 Responses to “sat sri akal”

  1. K Says:

    DODDMAN! We are out! Where are you? Here is our very general travels plans. London now, France coast surfing end of next month, Portugal to Morocco (again surfing) then east, yes you guesed it along the coast, to Croatia area where we would like to sail a bit, pirates and all. Based on my geography from Swanbourne Primary School I think I have nailled all of the coutries of Europe but if there was one I missed we will drop in for sure. Egypt is a very distinct possibility but we are thinking of a Nile cruise? We plan to head North through Eastern Europe as the autum sets in up towards Russia/Scandi lands…

    As I said rough, but it would be awesome to catch up. All things going well we will be in our VW camper with plenty of room for vagbonds and miscretes.

    Love always


  2. beyondbagot Says:

    Benny and the Jets!! miscreants dialling in

    we are currently in Syria – middle east for a few more weeks (something like 4-5) and then we’ll be hitting Europe – penniless and in need of VW shelter. Our jaunt across the continent is stopping in at Istanbul, Budapest and the Netherlands then we cross the channel to the old dart.

    Upshot of all of this is that we are well keen to try and meet you and the missus, perhaps when we are in Hungary I’ll give you and email to see where things are at. I’m sure that it will be nothing more than a long long bus ride away.

    massive love and yours for the greatest primary school in greater swanbourne


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