oh india!

We’re out of here tomorrow, just four days short of the five month mark. Most other travellers look at us agog when we tell them how long we’ve been here; most Indians seem rather pleased, although we inevitably disappoint by not having visited any of the zillion other places they tell us are “must-sees.” So the list for next time is already a mile long.

I just tried to write something vaguely sensical to sum up our experience and thoughts about this wild, diverse, extreme and raw place but I failed miserably. Suffice to say that India is a place like no other and it has left us amazed and bewildered several times over on a daily basis. For the extended version, I guess you’ll have to sit us down over a few beers and strap yourself in.

So where do you head when you’ve had a gutful of heat and dust? Why, the Middle East, of course! We cheated the overland dream way back when we chose to fly from Kathmandu to Delhi and although I hear that the Swat Valley is lovely at this time of year, we decided to give Pakistan a miss, least for the fact that we may have slowly perished in Delhi awaiting that visa. So, tomorrow we fly again and pick up the trail with the latest and, by far, craziest addition to our visa collection – that of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It’s encouraging to see that leaders there have been creating an appropriate amount of international furor in anticipation of our arrival. Fun times!

We’re not yet sure on the details of censorship but it’s possible that blogging will dry up for a while, although you can bet your Shiraz that tropical beer notes will most be certainly absent. Oh, the irony…


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One Response to “oh india!”

  1. Naomi Says:

    good on you! I tried to get there 20 odd years ago but that was just after salman rushdie’s fatwah and all aussies were banned for siding with the british that treating rushdie that way was really very, “well, not very British!” Our Kiwi friends were meanwhile selling large amounts of live sheeps to the iranians, so they quietly shut their mouths and didn’t lose their visitation rights. but that was almost before you two poppets were even born….

    i’ve heard the blue mosque at esfehan is to die for!

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