beer notes #33

Al-Shark Beer & Barada Beer Syria

To blog or not to blog? Here we have to weigh up the sheer nothing-to-say-ness of Al-Shark and fellow traveller, Barada, against their somewhat exotic appellation. In light of my failure to track down any Iraqi beer, I’ve decided to forge ahead.

Al-Shark poured completely flat and verged on undrinkable. Likewise, quality control was a bit of an issue with Barada; the can was only 2/3 full (perhaps 1/3 empty is more appropriate here) but the contents were OK. Well, relatively OK. A guy in a bar tried to sell Barada to me on the basis that “every can is a surprise”, but I don’t think I’ll be suggesting they adopt this as an official marketing strategy.


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2 Responses to “beer notes #33”

  1. Eelranch Says:

    Dear Catie & Linds:

    You seem to be having a good time woofing down ethnic foodstuffs and sluicing them down with the local beers!

    I am exceedingly jeolous, as many of the beer cans you have drained are ones needed for my collection. If you drift back through the Middle East and Asia, I would be most grateful if you would bottom-open the cans you go through, pack them in sturdy boxes and send them to me here at:

    Just In Time
    Av. Dr. Carlos de Moraes Barros, 428
    Vila Campesina
    Osasco, SP 06023-000

    If you wish to be really annoyed, I am willing to send a lists of countries needed to complete the collection…

    With my profound thanks in advance,


  2. beyondbagot Says:

    Hi D – most of the beers sampled have been in bottles destined to be washed and refilled. If India can organise this I’m not sure what Australia’s excuse is. Anyway sadly there will be no drifting back for some time. So for now the can collection will remain devoid of the suspect joys of middle eastern beers.

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