we’ve gone

from this:

to this:


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11 Responses to “we’ve gone”

  1. Robert Says:

    Lucky beggars.

  2. PrettyGrim Says:

    Dodd Boy, I guess this means you’re now an Arsenal fan as no Spurs supporter would live in Islington!

  3. 47 Says:

    As an avid reader I wait 3 months for a blog update, and this is what you give me 😉

  4. Naomi Says:

    yep, you need your heads read!! then again a filthy english winter of work will make you oh so envious of us sun bunnies! I’m dedicating my first loop to you two (when I do it that is) xx

  5. beyondbagot Says:

    Robbie Corr – you would love it here, it get dark at 1530 and thongs are only appropriate about a week a year

    Indiana – it’s true the gooners are just down the road. Given the look of most of their fans I think it’s best to keep my football musings internal, and blue and white scarf in the suitcase. Carn Forrest!

    47 – get stuffed

    Naomi – with all this ice about I’ve attempted a few loops of my own…!


  6. k Says:

    waving! allo!

  7. AN Says:

    Hmmm. The implication there is clear. That street would be more miserable if you were sleeping on it.

  8. beyondbagot Says:

    I wonder if the offie would take me in

  9. Erin Says:

    But you get snow!!

  10. tasteofbeirut Says:

    I have heard people say that even in a paradise, blue sea, sunshine, one longs for a change; well you got it!

  11. wheaters Says:

    hey team DP!
    both pics look pretty rad to me I have to say. london is so exciting! and perth is so well, blue and sunny. Looondooon! eep!
    heaps of love to you two chilly ones.
    woop woop
    verte and josie xxx

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