beer notes #36

The blog has lost its chronology, but try to stick with us while we put things right.

Goldstar Dark Lager Beer Israel   4.9%

Bluestar Beer would be more correct, don’t you think? Perhaps sacrilegious or, at the very least, in poor taste. That could link in though if you get my crummy pun.

Israelis aren’t really big drinkers but you can get beer everywhere, even in Jerusalem during Shabbat – although not without a few quirks. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, we and a few other die-hards were enjoying a quiet Goldstar in a mostly deserted area in the “new” (you know, post-Jesus) part of town,  when we were booed at by a group of Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jews. They were a good 30 metres away, but it was still a little disconcerting. I thought of shouting “It’s OK! We’re Catholic!” but that probably wouldn’t have calmed the situation.

But back to the stars: this beer doesn’t rate any although it is purportedly better than Maccabee, which I was forbidden to drink by our lovely host Michaella who, along with boyfriend Niv, was a willing imbiber. The beer colour is the most interesting thing about it (albeit brown = hardly ground-breaking), but doesn’t follow with any distinguishing taste. It’s worth having a look at their funny if, on reflection, misogynist advertising.


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4 Responses to “beer notes #36”

  1. 47 Says:


    What were your feelings on the “great Asian shirt drought” again 😉

  2. beyondbagot Says:


    I know this will sound frightfully uncouth to an Englishman, but I think going shirtless within your own home is acceptable.

    Dodd the Knob

  3. Erin Says:

    Hey dudes! Hows it going over London way? Haven’t heard anything for awhile, have you lost your fingers to frostbite? Hope you both had a wonderful white Xmas and New Year and looking forward to more blog posts for me to read to waste time at work!!

  4. beyondbagot Says:

    Hi champ – fingers are still intact, doing my best to defrost by wrapping them around many a warm beer. We have just found a little place in Kentish Town to live and hopefully work will soon follow. Anyhow life is returning to some sort of normalcy so blogging will hopefully resume soon. At the very least there is a world of ale to discuss.

    The definitive world on k-town

    Christmas was lovely, very white and very cold. We spent it out in the Cotswolds with the olds and hol.

    Thanks for the well wishes, right back at you.

    big love


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