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Beer notes #40

May 29, 2012

India Pale Ale CASC The Kernel London 7.4%

Discovered by Geoff and me about 12 months ago at the mighty Kris Wines N7, the address on the label guided us down to the then fairly unknown Maltby Street Market. We made a return a week or so ago and was very happy to see the place going from strength to strength.  A bit warmer this time too, so we didn’t have any unfortunate G-Unit near-hypothermia experiences.
In a different (now larger) vault, under the railway to Millwall, its neighbour sells wedges of cheese and ham, which you can bring into the brewery. They have all their current beers in bottles at very reasonable prices and a couple off the tap. Despite struggling for stomach space after a hefty eccles cake at St John’s, we managed to sneak a few in.
There is fantastic big hops happiness in the India Pale Ale CASC off the tap. Great pop of fizz in the mouth with some citrus to balance it out. 17/20. Also had a go at the Export India Porter – terrific; quite different to anything I’ve had before. Ground coffee and roasted malts, with a bit of hops trying to make a getaway. 18/20. A trip down to these parts has to be the ideal way to spend a rainy Saturday morning in London. So now Maltby has wound up, it’s time for early lunch at The Drafthouse.

making aperitif

May 13, 2009

Drinking an early evening pastis while seated in a wicker armchair on a veranda was one of my key goals for this journey. I’m happy to report that I achieved success in Phuket Town while taking an aperitif at the excellent Dibuk French/Thai restaurant. Our good friend Cyrille assures me that no self-respecting Frenchman would ever consider anything but Ricard. Good stuff it is too.