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June 26, 2017

What’s important here is that this isn’t an ironic can. This guys is a national hero for doing something of a national hero nature. Beers only goes up to 4.7% in the supermarket in Finland (after that you need to visit the wonderfully named state run Alko bottle shop). The way of getting around that is that beers is only available in ultra-large cans. Good thinking wise Finns.


mikkeller Berliner weisse 

May 28, 2017

Cool can consumed in a cool town.. ultimate Dad afternoon beer, made for refreshing park drinking 

Nice way of summing up the last 70 years of Berlin too –  modern street art impossibly hip meets JFK’s famous mispeak.

mikkeller is everywhere in Copenhagen, our local deli even had its own brew – along with selling vinyl, milk and bread.


May 20, 2017

Bagot is on the road in Copenhagen! Brewed by unibev it rates no mention on their website. Only trace on ‘the internet’ is at rate beer – bottom 1% of all beers rated.

At the local supermarket it’s cheaper than an apple, as I said to catie you do the math.

Still Anna napping and I’m watching that chap down there fix  his cargobike. So it’s 10/10 for me. KLASSISK.

tropical beer notes #41

April 3, 2015

Right back to the oddities of Asian beers

Bali Hai Premium Beer East Java 4.78%. So made in East Java then. I suppose East Java Hai doesn’t have quite the same sense of joue de vivre. And an award winner at our old friends the Australian Beer Awards! (remember them, everyone wins an award). I like the precise booze % too a far cry from the Thai Chang roulette.


Exotic locations and 100% humidity do wonders for any beer. How often do you find a dusty bottle of had on holiday lager and hope to remember that time on the shores of the Bosporus, only to taste thin tinny chemical alcohol. I struggle on.